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The aircraft in our collection are recorded below.  Most are located under cover in the Hangar but some are displayed outside.   Many are awaiting restoration work, which will only be possible when our new workshop is built next to the existing Hangar. 

This historic footage shows the Gloster Meteor in action.  Thanks to Siteseen Ltd. for generously allowing us to share this footage with Museum visitors.

Hawker Hurricane V6799 SD-X

“HURRICANE COMBAT” – AUTHOR: WING COMMANDER K.W. MACKENZIE DFC, AFC Extract taken from Pilot’s Combat Report for 7 October 1940 “…At about 1335 hours I …
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Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF14 Serial WS807

Armstrong-Whitworth Meteor NF14 Serial WS807 1950s RAF two-seat jet night fighter. Armstrong-Whitworth Aircraft of Coventry developed the two-seat night fighter version of the Meteor and …
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Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH3644

Gloster Meteor F8 Serial WH3644 WH364 served with 601 Squadron between 1952 and 1957, then with the station flights at Safi, Takali and Idris. It …
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Gloster Meteor T7 Serial WF784

Gloster Meteor T7 Serial WF784 Example of world’s first two-seat jet trainer. WF784 was the 19th of a batch of 89 built by Gloster and …
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Gloster Gladiator N5914

Gloster Gladiator N5914 The Gladiator holds the distinction of being the last biplane fighter to enter RAF and Fleet Air Arm service A 20 year …
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Gloster Gamecock Reproduction

Gloster Gamecock reproduction The Gloster Gamecock first flew in 1925 and was the RAF’s last wooden fighter, serving with several front-line squadrons. No complete Gamecock …
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Gloster Javelin FAW9 Serial XH903

Gloster Javelin FAW9 Serial XH903 Cold War-era delta wing all-weather fighter. Restored 2003. On loan from the Royal Air Force Museum. Image: Phil Jones JetPhotos.Net …
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Gloster Javelin FAW.4 XA634

Gloster Javelin FAW.4 XA634 XA634, the only surviving FAW4, was delivered to the RAF on 18 May 1956.  It was assigned to Airwork on a …
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Birth of the jet age: Gloster E28/39

Birth of the jet age: Gloster E28/39 The Gloster E28/39 has great significance for us as Gloucestershire’s outstanding contribution to world aviation history. The original …
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Other Aircraft in the Collection

Meteor T7

Meteor T7 Former RAF Innsworth Gate guardian – more info and pictures to follow …
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Meteor NF 13

Meteor NF13 Currently on loan from GJD Aero Tech Services – Photo and more info to follow …
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